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Mirabilis: Journal of Biology Education is a biology education journal published by Papanda (Paguyuban Panalungtik Sunda). This journal is a journal of biology education learning and research, the focus and scope include the Application of biology learning models; biology learning media; evaluation and assessment of biology learning; research on the development of learning biology; and natural science lessons.

Jurnal Mirabilis is an open-access journal published twice a year (May and November). We accept articles of the author can be derived from various countries, with the scientific field of Biology Education. E-ISSN : 2829-9604

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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022): Mirabilis : The Journal of Biology Education
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The editors of Journal Mirabilis (Journal of Biology Education) are pleased to announce the release of the second issue of the first volume. This issue was published in November 2022 (Vol 1 No 2, November 2022). It can be accessed online at this URL: https://ejournal.papanda.org/index.php/jm/index

Published: 2022-11-20
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